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Why Can't I Feel God?

May 16, 2017

Some days it takes every ounce of strength in me to get me to open my Bible. Even once it's open, it can be difficult for me to focus--thank you, ADHD. I get so frustrated because it takes so much work for me to connect with God, even though I do this daily.


Can you relate? Welcome to the first post in my "Navigating Numbness" series, where I'm inviting you to join my journey in figuring out how to press into God, especially when it seems like He's far away.


God is not a distant God. Say that with me: "He's not a distant God." He is near to us. So why does it feel like God is so far away?


I'm convinced that it's not God who is distant--it's me.


Go ahead and swallow the lump that just formed in your throat, because I'm not hear to call everybody out on their sin. No, I'm here to (hopefully) broaden your perspective on our omnipresent God, who loves us deeply.


It all sounds a lot like a feeling the Israelites had for forty years in a desert. Although God led them with a pillar of fire and a cloud, they still worshipped other gods and got distracted. God gave them mercy after mercy, providing them with commandments to help them navigate life well, and allowing them to still build a dwelling place for Him.


But somewhere along the road, something shifted. I'm honestly not sure when exactly this happened, but I do know that God was tired of the Israelites sinning against Him. The book of Isaiah is filled with words from God describing His anger toward His people, while also promising hope for a future.


Check out what Isaiah wrote about God's thoughts about Israel:


"...He expected justice but saw injustice;

he expected righteousness, but heard cries of despair" (Isaiah 5:7b, CSB).


Clearly, injustice is the opposite of justice. Easy enough to understand, right? But what about the next line? Cries of despair? Is that supposed to be the opposite of righteousness? I don't think so.


What does your prayer life look like right now? Are you only coming to God when you're desperate? Or are you fighting for a healthy, connected relationship with Jesus?


See, I think the reason that we so often feel distant from God is because we distance ourselves from Him. We cry out in despair, thinking all hope is lost, like hormonal adolescents, when in reality, God is right here with us, waiting for us to humble ourselves before Him.


So what about you? How are you doing? What do your prayers look like? Are you fighting for a relationship with Jesus? Or are you letting yourself slip into a monotonous routine? If we aren't tuning into the heart of our Father daily, how can we expect to feel Him close?


Comment below with your thoughts!!



God bless,

~ Julia ~




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