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Take Me to the King



That’s the best word I can come up with.

You’ve run the race. Exhausted. You collapse

only to realize you weren’t even close.

You might as well have run the wrong way

or even been on the wrong track.

You’ve lost, but you’re still worn out, drenched with sweat.




Sometimes that’s how I feel.

Running the race isn’t easy. It’s exhausting and often brutal.

Jesus warned his disciples that as evil increases, the love

of most will grow cold.




Sometimes love is spent,

exhausted, just plain tired.

But love never fails.


Love gets back up.

Love keeps running, sucking wind, though the lungs are burning.

Love keeps pressing even when the legs become jello.

Love pushes harder, never quitting and ultimately collapsing

at the feet of Jesus.


When I’m spent, just take me to the King.

- John



We almost didn't record this song. I was in a season of exhaustion, and my voice was physically worn. I was questioning whether or not God even wanted me to sing.


I tried singing through the song a few times, figuring out what key would work for me, then I broke down at the piano. I knew I could not sing it with my own strength.


I stood up and walked into the studio, where my dad was sitting. I remember not knowing what to say. I just felt so hopeless. God had given me this incredible gift of music, yet my vocal cords were tight, like they were frozen from their full potential.


Dad asked me what I was thinking, and I shrugged, "I don't know," looking down at the floor.


"Do you not want to do this song? 'Cause we don't have to." I felt my chin begin to quiver.


"No, Dad, that's just it. I think we have to do this song. It's just too real."


Take me to the King

I don't have much to bring

My heart is torn in pieces

It's my offering


My confidence in my gift was shaken, and, trivial as it may sound, all I could give God was my heart--which is truly all He ever wants from us. 


"I keep the LORD in mind always.

Because He is at my right hand,

I will not be shaken.


Therefore my heart is glad

and my spirit rejoices;

my body also rests securely...


You reveal the path of life to me;

in Your presence is abundant joy;

in Your right hand are eternal pleasures."

Psalm 16:8-9,11, HCSB



God carried us through the recording process, holding us all the way. I fought through tears and tension, but eventually, because we placed our confidence in the Lord, we ended up with a pretty good recording in the books.


No matter what you're going through, whatever trials are coming your way, there is room for you in the presence of God. Even though we get tired of traditions and routines, His love endures forever. It's okay to feel tired and worn out. We can find rest and refreshment in God. He offers peace and strength.


I encourage you--even if you feel you have nothing to give, no energy to move--take one step closer to God, and rest in His presence. His arms are wide open, and He is ready to refresh you if you'll let Him.


Click below to listen to the song:

Written by Kirk Franklin & originally recorded by Tamela Mann



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