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Leadin' the Way

February 14, 2017


 Though the darkness hides me, there's a light in front of me

Though the darkness blinds me, there's a light in front of me


I wrote those two lines to encourage myself in a season of confusing conversations, temptations, and questions that surrounded me. I wanted to remind myself that God is still guiding my footsteps.This song paints a vivid scene in my mind, and I hope it will encourage you as it does me.




A young girl, about twelve years old, stands alone on a stage in a large auditorium. She's scared, but she begins to sing anyway. She sings about how the evil and confusion of the world surrounds her, and scares her. She sings about how she knows that her God is still leading her. But she is timid.


As she sings her song to the Lord, a spotlight shines on her and she stiffens, but she keeps singing gently, clenching her fists, hoping that she can sing away her fears.


And He's leadin' the way...


As she's growing less uncomfortable in the heat of the spotlight, suddenly another spotlight shines behind her on a choir that begins to sing out. They sing about their confidence in the Lord's ability to lead her in the right direction. They sing of His promise to look out for her.


I know He is leadin'...


The girl looks around slowly at the choir singing behind her, as she keeps singing her song quietly. It doesn't take long for her to recognize the people singing next to her.


She notices her mom and dad, her grandparents, and her best friends. Then her heart beats faster as she recognizes her Bible study leader, her campus ministers, and her senior pastor from home. "They're all supporting me. Every single one of them. Surely Jesus loves me deeply," she thinks to herself as her fists unclench.


She relaxes her shoulders and begins to nod her head with the choir.


Right now it seems dim, but His light's breaking in

Now I'm never alone; He's gonna bring me home


Her confidence grows. She begins to sing louder, with a new freedom flying from her throat. Charged from the love of her supporters, she accepts the peace that God is granting her. She sings over the choir.


Though the darkness hides me, there's a light in front of me

Though the darkness blinds me, there's a light in front of me


She begins to dance.


Now it seems dim...


She turns away from the dark auditorium she was facing, and faces the choir. She explains to them her story:


I'm runnin' around and they're chasin' me down

But my God's on the throne and I'm never alone

And there's no way to take Him away from me--no!

He's gonna bring me home!


The choir members' smiles grow as they step touch like any old gospel choir would, singing over this girl in her journey.


She begins to improvise, encouraging her encouragers. She screams out that her God is still for her and still loves her and He will bring her home.



Click below to listen to the song:



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