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January 31, 2017


A ship is always safe at shore--

but that is not what it's built for.

                      ALBERT EINSTEIN


Tossing and turning me to sleep,

My ship is anchored

At the dock

I am nestled into a familiar safety


The same pelicans pass above me

Every day

Callused old fishermen ask why

I never leave the dock


Fear's harsh command holds me hostage:

Never leave the dock.


The girl who bought this boat

Bled with wanderlust

That could never be satisfied.


And again, fear grips me:

That could never be satisfied.


The child who drew this ship

On the blank backs of her homework

Ached for the day

She'd see a whale no one else had.


Hope stirred her:

She'd see a whale no one else had.


Her faith in fairies, fables, and family

Blinded her from serpents, sinners, and sharks


So I lay here, waiting



For a fisherman

To cut the rope

That keeps me grounded


To shatter the chain

That steadies my ship at the shore


To thrust my vessel into stormy seas

Because then I might feel something again.


A drowning death would hurt, I'm sure

But it would kill me slower to stay on the shore


So I silently beg you

Don't obey my fearful phrases

Don't believe my lying lips--


Cut my grounding


Uproot my anchor


Free  me   to    the     r e s t l e s s       s  e  a .


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