Nothin's Gonna Stop Us

Verse 1

A war is raging on

And we'll keep marching forward

This army waits on God

And we won't back down

No we won't back down

Verse 2

Dry bones return to life

And flesh comes back together

When Jesus leads our fight

There's no stopping us

There's no stopping us


So let go

Everybody sing out

We will stand on our ground

And we'll never let darkness win

'Cause we stand on the name

Of the One who will save

And we'll never stop praising Him


Nothin's gonna stop us

No sin will ever keep us

We're standing on His promise

That He will never leave us

Verse 3

The darkness will subside

When our surrender's honest

As God's beloved Bride

We'll keep pressing on

We'll keep pressing on


The darkness will flee

At the sound of our King

Knowing Yahweh will do as He promised

The demons will run

From the Father and Son

And the Light will no longer hold back

His power and might

Will destroy all the lies

His Kingdom will come

And His will will be done

There will be no more hiding

No hurting, no crying

And Yahweh's love reigns over all

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