Be Still

Verse 1

God, I don't know if this

Is what You want for me

But God, I pray that You

Show me Your destiny

For my life, oh

Will You pull me closer, closer, closer?

Verse 2

I don't know what to do

When I can't see what's true

Will You pull me closer to You?

Oh Jesus, will You be with

Me in all my struggles

Will You hold me so close?

Will You guide me?

Will You hold me?

I'm so scared


Daughter, I'm here

I'm drawing you near

Just lean into Me

Listen for Me

I'm guiding your heart

I know I seem far

But let Me come closer

Let Me inside

Verse 3

I should just give up

On all these fears inside my head

I should give them all to You

'Cause I know You're the Head

of the church

And here I am, Your servant

God, will You just pull me closer?

Here I am to serve You, Lord

Oh, here I am


Listen child, will you be still?

I'm speaking now; I'm showing you My will

Yet child, it's still not time

Just trust Me now, and I will make it right

But God, I want to know 

Which way to go; will You just show me?

Child, be still

I'm whispering My plan to you

If you will just be still

But God, I'm still confused

Which way to go

What's in Your will?

Be still

Chorus 2

Daddy, I'm scared

I know it's not fair

I know that You're for me

And You will be with me

Guiding my heart

You'll never be far

You love me so deeply

You set me apart

Come, My child

I love you so

I'll hold you close

I'll never let you go

My child, will you trust Me?

Here, take My hand

Let's go