A Worshipper's Prayer

Written and originally recorded by Pocket Full of Rocks

Verse 1

I would love to sing You somethin'

That was never sung before

Using words no one has thought of

Without all the cliche chords

I would sing a song much different

I would craft a work of art

But for now this all eludes me

So listen to my heart


Here I am

Like a thousand times before, I sing again

And when all my simple words

Have found their end

Once again I'm even more amazed

By the beauty and the mystery

Of Your ways

Oh, how marvelous to hear You call my name

When there's nothing left to bring

And there's no song left to sing

Here I am

Verse 2

I have spoke of things that, honestly

I did not understand

And in Your name I've sang my songs

All for praise of men

But You have never left me lonely

You have never let me down

When I came to You a pauper

You placed on my head a crown


Maybe on the other side of heaven

I will speak

With words that can describe

All that my heart feels for my King

And maybe with the angels

I will find the perfect rhyme

But 'till then, I'm giving You my life

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